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Prestashop 1.4.9 – Découvrez le changelog

Prestashop vient de dévoiler au grand jour sa toute dernière version mineur 1.4.9, surement la dernière de la version 1.4 d’ailleurs.

Découvrez ci-dessous la liste des nouveautés.
La plupart de ces dernières concernent la correction de failles et bugs. Une bonne nouvelle donc !

Added Features:

[+] BO : Added a new column to the statistics dashboard (Shipping)
[+] BO : Added the ability to decide if an order status will create a delivery slip

[+] CORE : Added a missing index to improve the blocklayered module performances
[+] CORE : Added missing file for jQuery v1.7.2

[+] MO : Added a new module “Allied Wallet”
[+] MO : Added a new module “Kiala light”
[+] MO : Added a new module “Wexpay”
[+] MO : Added a new module “PrestaShop Assurance”
[+] MO : Add addons module key to ekomi module
[+] MO : Add disable interstate tax feature to Avalara
[+] MO : Added the ability to show taxes in the blockcart module even if the customer’s group has not enabled taxes

[*] TR : Updated English Translations
[*] TR : Updated French Translations
[*] TR : Updated German Translations
[*] TR : Updated Spanish Translations
[*] TR : Updated Italian translations

Fixed bugs:

[-] PROJECT : Fix on Search Class (reported from 1.5 – rev 16103)

[-] INSTALLER : Add key on the image table
[-] INSTALLER : Add missing semicolumn on
[-] INSTALLER : Changed 1.4.9 to #PSCFI-5797
[-] INSTALLER : Changed Guam zone #PSCFV-3134
[-] INSTALLER : Changed the include of the settings file in because of the installer
[-] INSTALLER : Change next version number
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed and issue related to the currencies conversion rate (in getDefaultCurrency())
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed a warning (Undefined variable $phpRes)
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5157 – Added missing primary keys
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5287 – Adult category is now displayed in the last position
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5517 – Default currency was wrong if your hosting provider turned off allow_url_fopen – Added a missing file
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5848 – PrestaShop Installation was impossible if you specified “Hong-Kong” as your country
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6189 – SVN Install was broken (Use of undefined constant PS_MB_STRING)
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6345 – Infinite loop at install
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6394 – Installer was crashing in case of wrong SMTP credentials (typo on Swift_Connection_Exception instead of Swift_ConnectionException)
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6400 – Typo in
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6404 – Removed a duplicate index in
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed Norway zone
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6258 – Fix translations link in installer
[-] INSTALLER : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6293 – Translate — select your country — in french
[-] INSTALLER : “Pick-up in store” is now available on the 8 geographical zones
[-] INSTALLER : Update Installer version

[-] FO : Ajax add to cart was not working properly because of deprecated function used in smarty
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5971 – Impossible to unsubscribe from optin/newsletter
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-4947 – Wrong pictures path in the maintenance page
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5609 – Disabled country’s states were displayed in the address edition page
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5615 – Wrong HTML Body ID for 404 page
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6207
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5772 – Default search order
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-4401 – Order return message could not be validated because it was containing HTML
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5420 – Some CSS improvements for the default template (product page)
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5501 – Product features are now always sorted alphabetically on Front-office
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5685 – W3C compatibility was broken due to “productsSortForm”
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5698 #PSCFI-4906 – Cannot search product with Æ, Ø, Å (+ other accents)
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5710 – Tags selection was not excluding products assigned to an “inactive” categories
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5813 – Small CSS fix on the product page
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5906 – It was impossible to update its profile information
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5966 – Duplicate Categories in footer blockcategories module
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6228 – Product descriptions overlap with product images in shopping cart
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6232 – Bad CSS formatting on the tag of the CMS pages
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6235 – Phone number displayed twice in the store locator results table
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6311 – Number of Product per Page was not working properly for manufacturers and suppliers
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6374 – Product quantity added to cart was limited to 999 on the default template
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6388 – Multiple message error in cart page with minimum order
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5849 – User cant attached file to contact form if the option is OFF in the BO
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6154 – Issue with Manufacturer meta title
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5887 – Free order
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5606 – “Id_state required”
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5698 – Foreign characters (Æ,Ø,Å) were not working properly with the search
[-] FO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5795 – One Page Checkout freeze when an Order is to 0
[-] FO : Fixed the layout of the blocknewproducts module
[-] FO : Fixed the product quantity update on the cart summary for the customized products #PSCFV-3676
[-] FO : Fixed price calculation issue with Discounts
[-] FO : Fixed getDiscounts() cache
[-] FO : Make sure nothing is loaded when product not found
[-] FO : Path issue on delete.gif icon on the Product Compare page
[-] FO : Price precision is now taken into account on the product page
[-] FO : Replaced onblur by onchange in the authentication page to comply with Autofillforms extension (Chrome)
[-] FO : Fixed a PHP Warning on a undefined variable related to address formats

[-] BO : Add lithuanian caracters in the str2url JS function
[-] BO : Deleted useless ajax.js file and rewrote “Permissions” tab without Ajax
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5506 – Incorrect price in BO
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5183 – Remove space between product meta keywords
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6112 – Conversion issue on the order page.
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5354 – Carrier Groups – Replaced several inserts by only one
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5445 – Back-office “Products solds” statistics were not taking into account reductions
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5461 – ps_discount_category was not emptied on category deletion
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5515 – Several fixes related to the CSV Import feature
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5656 – Duplicate HTML IDs on the Back-office homepage
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5923 – Imported products were not available in the search results
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5988 – #PSCFI-5716 – #PSCFI-5909 – #PSCFI-5725 – CSV Category import was not working if you forgot Category IDs (these are now optional like in table
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5997 – Typo
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-4773 – Added $cookie->id_category in the statsproduct module
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5231 – Error while duplicating a product with custom features
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5336 – Can’t refund if there are customized attributes of a product
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5482 – It was impossible to view/delete an existing carrier logo
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5629 – Added a missing picture to Delete a reduction in AdminGroups
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5658 – Modified the error message layout when url_fopen is Off in AdminHome
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5726 – Broken layout on AdminOrders when the customer’s name was too long
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5744 – Inactive CMS pages could not be pre-viewed (404 error)
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5826 – Improved .htaccess rules, Apache was crashing if mod_filters not enabled and gzip compression enabled in “Tools > Generators”
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5912 – Could not update country information for Monaco
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5914 – It was impossible to load product pictures in a zip file if the file extension was uppercased
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5933 – Delivery slips bulk print is now based on the delivery date
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5936 – If product picture was too large, the layout of AdminCatalog was broken
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5947 – Add quantity in default sort settings
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5979 – CSV Import – Products pictures were deleted even if the related option was de-selected
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6056 – Added an explanation text
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6060 – Stats bug were not displayed in chronological date order
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6061 – Updated the text related to the cart re-call option. This option is now enabled by default at install
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6134 – CSV Import – Errors when importing a product list with references
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6170 – “tax incl” field in the generator was confusing
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6221 – Clean ps_referrer_cache table when a referrer is deleted
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6310 – CSV Product Import was not working properly if “Product Reference” option was selected
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6321 – It was not possible to delete a Manufacturer
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6346 – “Permissions” tab was not working properly
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6348 – CSV Category Import was not working with parent/child categories because ObjectModel cache was not cleared properly
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6348 – CSV Import: ID Category must now be different than Parent Category ID
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6349 – CSV Import was displaying warnings about Products URLs
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6358 – ‘Stock Stats’ table wraps with long product names
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6366 – Wrong message count in the “Customer Service” tab
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6381 – Products CSV Import was not working properly if categories were containing spaces before or after their names
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6383 – Path in ModuleGrid.php and ModuleGraph.php
[-] BO : Fixed issues #PSCFI-5184 #PSCFI-3687 #PSCFI-5831 #PSCFI-5748 – Various statistics issues (for example: dates without orders placed were not displayed)
[-] BO : Fixed issues #PSCFI-6334, #PSCFI-6331 – Incorrect addresses
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5096 – Update Category through CSV import breaks the position
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5295 – Remove HTML compression
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6223 – Issue with quantity in Back Office search
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6271 – Fix issue with search in French
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6275 – Change copyright text
[-] BO : Fixed Issue #PSCFI-6277 – Issue when removing certain products prior to import
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6278 – Issue when removing categories before import
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6299 – add bold class to missing field when errors
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6305 – Issue with date_upd on product import
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5461 – Allowed to deleted discounts which are linked to categories
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFV-2626 – fix bug in localization pack for the currency format
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFV-2947 – isArrowKey doesn’t always return a value
[-] BO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5877
[-] BO : Revert, the fix cause issue when changing default currency…
[-] BO : Sometimes percentage could be > 100%
[-] BO : you are not stuck anymore when reseting your admin password and the mail fail to be sent
[-] BO : Zip code is now specified as required in the “Stores” tab form

[-] CLASSES : Fixed Code Standards
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5470 – Order confirmation email + Group tax excl
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5396 – Comment on Order::total_products_wt
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6122 – Die when Validate email failed
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5684 – Search was not working with the new version of PCRE
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5174 – Saving a product was setting the unit_price_ratio to 0
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5224 – Address are now updated in the ps_cart table if updated/deleted
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5350 – Wrong variable type in the documentation
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5659 – Wrong error message if an e-mail template was missing
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5675 – date_upd was not properly handled during Configuration update
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5749 – Calling setCustomBackupPath Backup function had no effect
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5749 – customBackupDir was not taken into account during Backups
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5765 – Wrong line break in Invoice’s footer
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5821 – getImageLink() could not be called with PHP-CLI
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6035 – County tax was not applied
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6064 – Wrong regular expression in Validate::isTabName()
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6217 – Cart Discounts cache was not reseted properly
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6315 – Deleted an isBool() statement
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6316 – Added a missing cast (float) in ProductController
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6322 – Code standards for Category::recurseLiteCategTree()
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5389 – It is now possible to apply 0% group category discount
[-] CLASSES : Fixed Issue #PSCFI-6324 – Keep integrity of product when removing supplier or manufacturer
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6399 – Warning when removing an unkown configuration key
[-] CLASSES : Fixed several issues with getDiscounts() and usage of $cart
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue causing pSQL to fail
[-] CLASSES : Fixed issue with new configuration keys
[-] CLASSES : Removed unused getCartCategories()
[-] CLASSES : When a language was deleted, it was not using _DB_PREFIX_ to scan the SQL tables and could potentially delete records from other PS installations using the same database

[-] CORE : Fixed Code Standards
[-] CORE : Counties taxes were not calculated properly (using zip codes)
[-] CORE : Deleted img/login-bg.jpg (not in use anymore)
[-] CORE : Fixed a bug on $_LANGUAGES
[-] CORE : Fixed an issue in ObjectModel, __construct was not loading the proper translations if $id_lang provided
[-] CORE : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5485 – Fixed a bad W3C DTD in 246 files (E-mails and others)
[-] CORE : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5192 – Wrong HTTP Error message for maintenance mode
[-] CORE : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5642 – Error on checking existing e-mail addresses
[-] CORE : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5746 – CCC for CSS was not working properly on => url(/something)
[-] CORE : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5821 – Issue with Tools::getHttpHost and Link::getImageLink
[-] CORE : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5825 – Added a missing .htaccess rule for Link->getCatImageLink()
[-] CORE : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5840 – Contacts now need “email” to be filled when created/updated
[-] CORE : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6092 – CMS::getLinks() is now taking into account Language and SSL
[-] CORE : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6233 – Bad usage of _PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_ in several files
[-] CORE : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6314 – “Fatal Error” could appear with Group::getReduction() during the order validation
[-] CORE : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6156 – PHP error when the php module geoip is active
[-] CORE : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6121 – Order validation was broken sometimes, due to Swift exception(s) not handled properly
[-] CORE : Fixed issues #PSCFI-6329, #PSCFI-6330 – Impossible to edit multilingual objects
[-] CORE : Fixed issue related to AutoExecute (pSQL was causing issue w/ HTML values)
[-] CORE : Fixed ObjectModel cache, which was not emptied during add()
[-] CORE : Put back “unused” smarty function for themes
[-] CORE : Removed mysql_close() from tryToConnect() and tryUTF8()
[-] CORE : Reverted I/O optimizations done with filemtime (Causing issues sometimes for instance w/ Artichow catching Warnings)

[-] MO : Added discounts to PayPal module
[-] MO : Add JQuery 1.8 compatibility for productcomment
[-] MO : AuhorizeAIM, merge 1.4/1.5
[-] MO : AuthorizeAIM, display error message from authorize
[-] MO : Avalara add missing index
[-] MO : Avalratax 1.5 compatiblity
[-] MO : Correct french typos in CloudCache module
[-] MO : Correct the retry link in SoColissimo
[-] MO : Deleted old jQuery files from all modules and removed noConflict
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5774 – Wishlist still in cookie after logout.
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5559 – Bad usage of $cookie in the Loyalty Module
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6099 – Tax were not displayed anymore in the blockcart module
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6248 – Module mailalerts was not using the customer’s language to send e-mails
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6338 – Removed an unused hook from blockbestsellers module
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6352 – Themeinstallator module is now asking to regenerate thumbnails
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6356 – Typo in blocklayered.php
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6367 – Undefined Index: category – blocklayered.php
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6375 – Typo in themeinstallator
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6393 – Module blocksearch – Ajax search not working with diacritic on Internet Explorer
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6160 – Issue with tax excluded price display in the bloc bestseller
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-4242 – Statsproducts now take account of specific prices
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6049 – Fix typo from previous commit
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6049 – Impossible to post product comment without statsdata module
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6199 – Fix product count on statsforcast module
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6227 – make sure the customer is using USD
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6263 – Add a check on the category object
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6264 – Add multi language to sitemap for products
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5700 – Appended _once to include and require
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5722 – USPS Carrier license updated (2007-2012), module version changed
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5815 – Fix bug on the blocklayered with Chrome
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5957 – Blocklayered – Fix bug with price ordering
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6027 – PayPal validation bug fix
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6072 – Bug fix, previous commit was replacing file with PS1.5 version
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6086 – itinerary is open in an other window
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFV-2922 – Blocklayered, make sure url ordering parameters is each time the same
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6149
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PNM-240 – Fix bug with blocklayered price filter on IE
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PNM-293 – Block CMS bug fix (contact url)
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PNM-312 – PayPal Express Checkout redirection bug fix
[-] MO : Fixed issue #PNM-318 – PayPal css bug fix
[-] MO : Fixed issue when updating account number due to the delete of the TEST data.
[-] MO : Fixed layout of the homefeatured module for the Italian language
[-] MO : Fixed PayPal module translations (using mod=’paypal’ instead of module=’paypal’)
[-] MO : Fixed several XSS (Kiala, Ogone, Prestassurance, Wexpay)
[-] MO : Fixed typo on module followup french mail
[-] MO : Fix the animation target on the wishlist module
[-] MO : Hipay bug fix : customer logged
[-] MO : JQuery 1.8 compatibility + Optimization blockcart
[-] MO : Minor changes in PrestaShop Assurance
[-] MO : Module carriercompare – Zip code default value was “undefined” if blockcart Ajax option was disabled
[-] MO : Module mailalerts was not displayed on products without combinations
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, Add back var for 1.5
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, Add closure protection
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, Fix AdminContact link controller for 1.5 (called AdminStores)
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, Fix back office cookie to use translate.
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, Fix for 1.5 and refacto
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, Fix jsonEncode call for 1.3
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, Fix PS 1.3 issue due to PS 1.5 change.
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, Fix returned onclick value on closure call
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, Fix upgrade process
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, Fix url for uninstall with closure.
[-] MO : orderconfirmation were not tracked by ganalytics when only one language were set.
[-] MO : PayPal address_override bug fix
[-] MO : PayPal config file updated
[-] MO : PayPal Integral Evolution debugged
[-] MO : PayPal JS fix (due to CCC bug)
[-] MO : PayPal module bug fix – Taxes & discounts
[-] MO : PayPal module – removed duplicated confirmation message
[-] MO : PayPal module v3.0.3 : Smarty V2 compatibility & bug fix
[-] MO : PayPal order confirmation minor bug fix
[-] MO : PayPal total order amount bug fix
[-] MO : Paysafecard, Fixed bug #PSCFI-5617. Translate is applied for each languages.
[-] MO : Paysafecard, Fix the display of the template (merge from 1.5)
[-] MO : Removed unused and non-existent displaySelectCategoryWidget() function in Prestassurance
[-] MO : Remove empty en.php from wexpay
[-] MO : Remove type on the productscategory module
[-] MO : Remove useless newlines/whitespaces on UPS
[-] MO : Shipping Estimation (carrier compare), Fixed bug #PNM-172 #PNM-170 #PNM-102 #PNM-86 on shipping price calculation
[-] MO : Shipwire visibily issue on $context
[-] MO : Small modifications on the PayPal module
[-] MO : Socolissimo, merge 1.5
[-] MO : Subscribe Kwixo link has been repaired – Bug #PSCFI-5666
[-] MO : tntcarrier, removed spaces in phone number #PSCFI-6284
[-] MO : TrustedShops, add backward files
[-] MO : TrustedShops, Fix displayed price when adding TS product.
[-] MO : TrustedShops, increment version
[-] MO : Twenga module – Fix on export memory limit issue
[-] MO : Update description and translations of Allied Wallet
[-] MO : update version on config.xml for CloudCache
[-] MO : Updtade translations AlliedWallet
[-] MO : Fixed a PHP Warning on mondialrelay

[-] WS : Cleaned code “switch”
[-] WS : Fix duplicate image id
[-] WS : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5696 – Price as empty if equal to 0
[-] WS : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5081 – Adding a category image via the WS was not generating all image formats
[-] WS : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5879 – Using search from Web-service was limiting results to 10
[-] WS : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5897 – Optimized the Web-service if the “synopsis” feature is used
[-] WS : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6123 – Added the ability to active a Supplier using the webservice
[-] WS : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6123 – Added the ability to set active/inactive a supplier
[-] WS : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6136 – Added a missing Web-service entity /api/tax_rule_groups/
[-] WS : Fixed issue #PSCFV-2888

[-] PDF : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5620 – Canadian Taxes are not updated in credit slip
[-] PDF : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5637 – Canadian taxes not accurate with a reduction
[-] PDF : Fixed issue #PSCFI-6216 – Layout issue in the PDF Invoice if using the “Free text” option

[-] TR : Fixed issue #PSCFI-5994 – The shipping cost comparison module was not working properly

Improved/changed features:

[*] INSTALLER : By default “localhost” is now replaced by to avoid a DNS resolution (very slow on several hosts)
[*] INSTALLER : Fixed issue #PSCFI-4992 – Clarify the “Full mode” description
[*] INSTALLER : Increased the maximum picture size from 131kb to 2,048kb by default
[*] INSTALLER : Updated local localization packs (HK, IN)
[*] INSTALLER : Update installer translations
[*] INSTALLER : Update translations

[*] BO : add the character ‘”‘ and ‘%’ in a static method pRegexp() of the class Tools
[*] BO : add the character ‘`’ in a static method pRegexp() of the class Tools
[*] BO : In the AdminCountries tab, you can now set a call prefix of 4 chars
[*] BO : On several tabs, only display active countries instead of all countries
[*] BO : sending a mail is a little less strict with wrong parameters – it tries to send the e-mail, not to die!
[*] BO : Several improvements to the CSV Import tool – Now displays a confirmation message upon import *** Still a few bugs to resolve such as the object deletion ***

[*] CLASSES : Now taking more currencies into account in Tools::displayPrice
[*] CLASSES : Optimized Category->calcLevelDepth()
[*] CLASSES : Optimized Country::getCountries() – Do not load States when not necessary
[*] CLASSES : Rewrote updateValue() in Configuration (Faster and lighter)

[*] CORE : Compressed jQuery Fancybox JS file
[*] CORE : Optimizations (PHP, SQL)
[*] CORE : Optimizations (reduced calls to Configuration::get(), using defines instead)
[*] CORE : Optimized memory consumption at loading
[*] CORE : Optimized multilingual objects instantiation
[*] CORE : Optimized the Core + Front-office (Disk I/O, SQL queries)
[*] CORE : Significantly improved overall performances (Memory, SQL, PHP, Disk I/O)
[*] CORE : Smarty has been upgraded to v3.1.11
[*] CORE : Upgraded jQuery from v1.4.4 to v1.7.2
[*] CORE : Various small optimizations

[*] MO : Add SSL support to CloudCache + smartyv2
[*] MO : Autoupgrade (1-click upgrade) module updated
[*] MO : avalaratax, when a customers is outside of the merchant state and if the merchand disable the calculation of taxes outside his state, taxes are not sent anymore to avalara
[*] MO : Hipay updated (v1.4)
[*] MO : Improved mailalerts module
[*] MO : Improved the Theme installer module
[*] MO : Merge Gadsense with addons
[*] MO : Module Twenga 1.8.1
[*] MO : Optimization – Deleted all empty en.php files (= 102 files!)
[*] MO : Optimized the blocklayered module (Layered Navigation)
[*] MO : PayPal module v3.0 (optimized)
[*] MO : Secuvad module updated (v2.1.0)
[*] MO : ShoppingFlux updated
[*] MO : SoColissimo updated (v2.4)
[*] MO : Tntcarrier if errors appears when creating a new ticket, the error is displayed
[*] MO : Tntcarrier new version
[*] MO : Twenga module updated (v1.8.3)
[*] MO : Avalara module updated (v2.0)

# v1.4.8.3 – N/A (2012-08-01) #

Fixed bugs:

[-] MO : Fix typo on description
[-] MO : Update version number in config.xml
[-] MO : Security fix on


Bonne mise à jour !!


Prestashop is out ! ChangeLog

Hello les PrestaShoppeurs !
Simple billet pour vous prévenir qu’il est temps de mettre à jour votre e-boutique PrestaShop, en effet, la version vient de sortir !

Je vous copie ci-dessous le changelog de cette nouvelle version.

Improved/changed features:

[*] MO : Tnt carrier, new version of the module

[*] TR : Added translations english
[*] TR : Added translations french and spanish

Fixed bugs:

[-] FO : #PSCFI-5383 : Fixed a problem of selector for add_to_cart button which was too strict

[-] BO : translations errors : fix regex

[-] Classes : #PSCFI-4973 : Bug fix mail receiver was null

[-] MO : Fix bug with
[-] MO : Fixed bug #PNM-118. Dibs payment validation is now correctly handled.
[-] MO : Fixed bug #PSCFI-5521. Accented char is now fixed for any charset set.
[-] MO : Fixed bug #PSCFI-5633.
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, fixed bug #PNM-218. Carrier update works with the new field table ‘is_deleted’
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, fix order creation when it’s not a MR carrier
[-] MO : [-] MO : TrustedShops, Fixed bug #PNM-206. Check PS version to get the hook id
[-] MO : Paypal, Fixed bug #PNM-129. SSL v3 is now used for cURL and fsockopen.
[-] MO : #PNM-110 – Fix bug with So Colissimo without fancybox mod
[-] MO : #PNM-82 – SoColissimo do not validates order without javascript
[-] MO : #PSCFI-5600 : CloudCache Fix a return by reference issue
[-] MO : Socolissimo, fixed bug #PSCFI-5537. Works properly with smarty v2 and made some refacto.
[-] MO : USPS module now displays error message returned by USPS web service #PNM-2

[-] WS : Fix bug when using & in shop name

On retrouve pas mal de correction des modules de livraison et des traductions.

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Module Prestashop – Scroll Infini de produits


Boostez vos ventes ! “Scroll Infini” maximise votre taux de conversion en remplaçant la pagination par un système de scroll infini ultra performant. Vendez plus en étant à la pointe de la technologie !

Découvrez le module de scroll infini sur Prestashop Addons.


Infinite Endless Scroll est le fruit d’un travail de recherche et d’analyse au sein d’une équipe faite d’experts du e-merchandising, de l’optimisation de boutiques en ligne et de référencement naturel. Chaque expert a apporté sa touche et s’est assuré du respect de toutes les meilleures pratiques de son métier.
Ainsi, Infinite Endless Scroll est :
- Pensé pour booster votre taux de conversion et donc vos ventes et votre chiffre d’affaires
- Pensé pour être totalement compatible avec les moteurs de recherche
- Pensé pour être ultra rapide et même plus économe en ressources qu’une pagination classique

Conversion : notre expert e-merchandising a développé cette solution dans le but de booster votre chiffre d’affaires. Après avoir implanté avec succès ce système sur de nombreux sites e-commerce, il l’a conçu sous forme de module Prestashop.

Référencement naturel : notre expert SEO s’est assuré de la compatibilité totale d’Infinite Endless Scroll avec les moteurs de recherche. Infinite Endless Scroll ne s’active que si Javascript est disponible sur le navigateur du visiteur. Si ce n’est pas le cas, la pagination classique s’applique. Ainsi, un moteur de recherche peut crawler l’ensemble des pages nécessaires. Si par contre le visiteur dispose de Javascript, Infinite Endless Scroll s’active (entièrement en Ajax) à la place de la pagination, de manière totalement dynamique. Aucun risque de cloacking ni de bloquer l’accès aux robots de recherche. Le système parfait pour contenter les visiteurs et les moteurs de recherche !

Optimisation : notre expert optimisation et performance Prestashop a conçu le système pour qu’il soit encore plus rapide et plus léger que le système de pagination classique de Prestashop. Vendez plus tout en allégeant la charge serveur ! Vous utilisez un thème Prestashop ? Infinite Endless Scroll s’adapte tout seul !

L’équivalent de plusieurs jours de consulting auprès de 3 experts reconnus de leur métier ainsi que de développement… pour seulement 79,99 euros (prix de lancement).


module scroll infini graphique stats

Bénéfices marchand

Toutes les études le montrent : chaque fois qu’un visiteur change de page sur votre site, le risque qu’il abandonne son achat augmente. Minimiser le nombre de clics nécessaires pour accéder aux produits est donc très important. Avec la pagination classique de Prestashop, un produit présenté en 4 page nécessitera 4 à 5 de clics pour être vu, contre un seul avec Infinite Endless Scroll ! Ce puissant outil d’e-merchandising remplace l’affichage par pagination classique, qui liste les produits par 10 ou 20 sur chaque page, par un système de scroll infini : dès que votre visiteur fait défiler la page, de nouveaux produits aparaîssent ! L’affichage est instantané grâce à un système de préchargement dynamique. Vous aussi, comme Google et Facebook, intégrez le scroll infini sur votre boutique en ligne et commencez à vendre plus.

scroll infini taux de conversion

Bénéfices client

Lorsqu’ils voient une pagination sur une page listing de produits, la plupart des internautes ne vont même pas voir la page 2. Combien de fois avez vous vraiment utilisé la pagination de Google lorsque vous faites une recherche ? Avec Infinite Endless Scroll, présentez un maximum de produits à vos visiteurs pour susciter l’envie d’acheter. Pour 99 euros seulement, boostez l’attractivité de votre boutique.


Installation en un clic : envoyez le module zippé dans le panneau d’administration et commencez à utiliser Infinite Endless Scroll.

Compatible Prestashop 1.3.x, 1.4.x

Découvrez le module de scroll infini sur Prestashop Addons.

scroll infini schema